into the stones

Hello there. My name is not Claire and neither am I from the 1940s. Sorry to disappoint you already, dear Outlander fans.

For those who have no clue what I just said – don’t worry. You are also very much welcome to my blog.

Let’s just say that I am a fan of literature and an aspiring writer. But maybe I’m already a writer, as I have been blogging for quite some time. I’m just not a professional or published writer. Nevertheless, I am beginning a new journey in blogging by focusing solely on books and literature and anything related to that!

Although Diana Gabaldon published the novel Outlander in 1991, just a few years before I was born, I only knew about it when the TV series came out in 2014. I knew about the TV series because I am a massive fan of period dramas ever since I discovered the various adaptations of Jane Austen novels. So naturally, being always hungry for more period dramas, I almost instantly knew about the release date for Outlander.

If I were to travel back in time, I would love to experience the Middle East in the 11the century. It was a time where science, philosophy, literature and culture thrived, and overall critical thinking was celebrated. Reading all about it kind of makes me skeptical of the existence of such harmony. That’s why I would like to have a look myself if I could.

I would also like to visit the early 19th century England, specifically when Jane Austen was alive and had published a couple of her novels. Despite the many stringent rules during that era, something about it just attracts me. Perhaps it’s the beautiful dresses and suits. Perhaps it’s the curtsying and bowing to each other as a sign of respect. Perhaps it’s the polite way the people talk to each other.

Would I travel to 18th century Scotland? As much as I am falling in love with everything Scottish thanks to Jamie Fraser, I don’t think I have much of an inclination to have a taste of the rough Highlands. I’m not sure why exactly but maybe it has something to do with the medieval way of living. But there’s nothing wrong with it per se. I do admire the simplicity of it, and the idea that a man’s word is enough.

But anyway, I would like to warmly welcome you to my humble blog. You may expect posts about literature, philosophy, books, period dramas, and anything in between! I hope you will stick around and perhaps leave a comment or two.

I wish you well wherever you are and keep on reading! 🙂


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